The Best Air Stones for Hydroponics Reviewed

Thomas Angas by Thomas Angas | Last Updated: August 20, 2019

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Air stones are incredibly useful for helping diffuse air into your hydroponics system.

In this post, we take a look at the best air stones for hydroponics systems along with giving you some helpful tips for using them in your setup.

But first, our top picks

Best Air Stones for Hydroponics

Below we’ve reviewed 4 of the best air stones for hydroponic and rated each based on ease of use, value for money, reliability and function.

1. Pawfly 2-Inch Cylinder Diffusers

Pawfly have a long history of producing aquarium products that are both highly functional and versatile.

The Pawfly Air Stones Cylinder Bubble Diffusers are no different.

Made from high quality non-toxic mineral materials, these cylinder bubble diffusers are designed to create tiny, evenly sized bubbles rather than a few large ones.

While some users have found them to be on the smaller side, the fact you get four in a pack means you can space them out and get a more even spread of bubbles. We also really like that they produce even bubbles meaning I can count on them being consistent.

The Best Air Stones for Hydroponics Reviewed 4


Shape Cylinder
Jetting Volume 3 L/min
Pump Power Needed 3 – 6W
Soaking Time 1 Hour


  • Great size
  • Great airflow
  • Easy to clean


  • Some users find them to be a little on the small side.

2. Pawfly ASV100 Diffuser

If you like the sound of Pawfly ASC100 but need a little more jetting volume then you’ll certainly want to consider the Pawfly ASV100!

The 4 inch air stones do a fantastic job of oxygenating the air in your hydroponics setup and produce evenly sized small bubbles – exactly what you need to help with nutrient uptake.

The ASV100 can pump out upto 12 liters a minute but remember, the bigger the oxygen output the bigger the pump needed.

For us, the Pawfly ASV100 are really up there with the best air stones for hydroponics.

The Best Air Stones for Hydroponics Reviewed 5


Shape Disc
Jetting Volume 12 L/min
Pump Power Needed 6 – 8W
Soaking Time 1 Hour


  • Large surface area creates a consistent bubble output
  • Suction cups do a great job of keeping the stone in place
  • Excellent value for money.


  • As with all air stones, the bubbles become “thicker” over time.

3. Yueton Cylinder Air Stones

Fun fact, when I use to keep fish I used the Yueton Cylinder Air Stones in my aquariums.

Initially I was skeptical that they’d work for hydroponics but after testing them out with a 12 hole setup I was pleased with the results.

While the bubbles are a little larger than those produced by the Pawfly ASC100, they are a great alternative choice.

Perfect for smaller setups, these Yueton Cylinder air stones are a great alternative if you aren’t a fan of the Pawfly brand.

The Best Air Stones for Hydroponics Reviewed 6


Shape Cylinder
Jetting Volume
Pump Power Needed 2 – 4W
Soaking Time 1 Hour


  • Ideal for small setups
  • Fit neatly into most systems
  • Great quality


  • A bit noisier than other items

What Are Air Stones?

Best air stones for hydroponics

Air stones are small devices that sit in the bottom of your water tank to help put extra oxygen into the water.

To do this, the air stone is attached via a tube to an air pump which sits outside of the tank.

Many growers use air stones to help diffuse the oxygen better that what a tube could.

How Are Air Stones Used In Hydroponics?

Air stones are commonly used in hydroponic setups to help oxygenate the plant root zones. This is important as without oxygenated water, your plants roots can’t properly take up enough nutrients to grow to their maximum potential.

What you’ll also find is that roots sitting in a solution lacking sufficient oxygen will develop root rot caused by plant pathogens.

So, by using air stones you give your plant roots enough oxygen to properly take up nutrients.

The Bottom Line

So there you have it, 4 of the best air stones for hydroponics.

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